Issue Management Workflow

In SMC, while reviewing results of a check, you can right-click on an issue in the Results window and choose  “Add a slide.”  This will bring up the Issue Details tab where comments about the issue and its location can be added or adjusted. Next to the Issue Details tab is the Coordination tab.  From here, you can assign Responsibilities for issues, as well as update or assign issue status (Assigned, Closed, Open, Resolved).  You can also manually type in additional statuses or manually enter additional responsible parties. Lastly, the Components tab lists all components related to the issue.  Once you have added comments, assigned responsibilities, etc., by selecting “OK,” the issue details you have created are now information managed by that slide.  Double-click the slide to open and re-edit the information.


From the Communication layout tab in SMC, you can create a presentation using their checking results.  The resulting slides (and any exported report) will contain the information entered in the Issue Details window.   To access the Issue Details window from the Communication layout, simply double-click on a slide in a presentation.  When you select Report, you will now see a set of Status checkboxes which can be marked to include those corresponding results with those statuses in the report.


(Only statuses that have been used will show up in the Create Report dialog.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.59.42 PM

(Responsibilities and Status are reflected in the exported report)

Issue Management Workflow

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