University Space Audits

University Planners need the ability to audit the spaces in their buildings to determine current occupancy, availability and accuracy. They need to keep pace with student enrollment and allow for planned expansion and capital projects. In many cases the buildings have not yet been modeled in 3D.

Auditing of building spaces or other resources has become a popular BIM Use Case for the Solibri Model Checker (SMC). In SMC, the way a space audit is conducted starts by creating a 3D model to represent the spaces and data in a building. Then, it is brought into SMC and initially checked against a Ruleset that has been created to verify the accuracy and completeness of the model and its information. This Ruleset check may include many different types of specific Quality Assurance checks, including verification that all areas of the building have spaces (or rooms) modeled, and that those spaces are modeled correctly. Additionally, the Ruleset may include checking for naming conventions, verifying that all required information is included in the model, and identifying any accessibility and egress concerns.This custom Ruleset gives a user quick and easy automated verification of their model information, and saves the user significant time in the process. Compared to a manual review of design documents, hitting the “Check” button in Solibri has proven to be a great, time saving alternative, while delivering greatly improved accuracy and consistency.


Once the accuracy and completeness of a model is confirmed, a customized Information Takeoff can be created to calculate and output the final estimates for the building. For example, SMC can be customized to do a takeoff of all the spaces, sorted by their Name, Category, or any other information that is available as a space property (e.g. area, space type, etc.).


All the customization that is required to meet a user’s individual needs can be done with help from the Solibri Team. Customization of Rulesets and Information Takeoffs are part of our offering to assist this customer segment. We work with the university facilities departments and planners to create a space audit program that they can run, and we are always available to help, as needed.

OSU Template

Summary: Solibri LLC and the Ohio State University, the 3rd largest university in the United States,, with a student population exceeding 56,000, collaborate on the Buckeye BIM Initiative.

The Facilities and Technology Services Department is responsible for auditing existing buildings, which includes maintaining 2D plans and converting each building from existing 2D designs into 3D models, then conducting an audit of the spaces within each structure. Currently, more than 800 buildings have been identified, equaling more than 35 million square feet of space to be audited.

The Buckeye BIM Initiative is a project that started in May, 2013 with a planned end date in May, 2016. The original plan called for a team comprised of students and staff to conduct a manual conversion (2D to 3D) and a subsequent manual audit of model spaces. Another project deliverable was the creation of a University BIM Standard.

After 2 (two) web-based familiarization sessions, a review of the University Audit Process Template, and the creation of some custom rulesets focused on spaces, floors and properties, the team was introduced to an SMC-led audit process. The focus was on model verification and included the requirement for spaces to comply with naming conventions that were contained in the OSU Space Information and Management System.

The Results:

  1. Reduced the Audit Manual from 22 pages to 5
  2. The Average model audit takes 5 hours (as compared to 2-3 days, previously)
  3. And, each audit delivers consistently higher quality
  4. The entire process now takes 1 day, as compared to 1 week (at a minimum) previously.

This has been an excellent opportunity to work with a leading Owner, on a significant BIM Use Case. We can do the same with YOU. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any project that could benefit from applying a consistent rule check to verify compliance.

University Space Audits

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