Placing Images Directly into the Solibri Model Checker

The image placement tool in Solibri Model Checker is a useful method for adding images directly to a surface in SMC.   This can then be used as a medium for presentations. A user can create a deck of slides, for example, and then build a presentation in Solibri to place the images in the live model.   To access the image placement tool, first enable Markup from the Tools dropdown listing.


A small horizontal ribbon will appear in the upper left corner of the 3D window.


Select the “Image” icon from the view. Then, select the surface in the model where you would like to add an image.


For this example, we will choose a Solibri Logo as the image. Once an image is chosen, select OK.


Sometimes the image will not align exactly as desired in SMC due to differences in dimensions of the image and the component it is being attached to (in this case, a lobby wall).


In this case, just select the grips around the image to resize and drag it to its correct location.


Once the image is placed, you can deselect the image, reorient the view as needed, and then save as a Slide to a presentation.


This is an excellent add-on feature to Solibri Model Checkers powerful presentation capabilities. Users who have a presentation that focuses on a model or the topic of model checking can import the presentation into the actual SMC model, and do a walkthrough as they navigate through the slideshow, rather than opting for the more traditional, and static, slideshow presentation. This actually serves to bring your model to life, as you are spending your time ‘in’ the model.

Placing Images Directly into the Solibri Model Checker

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