Hotkeys in SMC

In Solibri Model Checker (SMC) there are many short cuts, or hotkeys that can be used to quickly access useful functions.  You can quickly find information on these hotkeys by hovering the pointer over items within SMC to display a tooltip with a listing of corresponding hotkeys:

Section Tool hotkey tooltip
Section Tool hotkey tooltip

NOTE: If you are working on a Mac, and are unsure of the keyboard symbols displayed in the tooltip, you can find a listing of these symbols here:
OS X Yosemite: What are those symbols shown in menus?

Below, we have created a table of some of our most used short cuts, or ones that we find particularly helpful to know. By applying these short cuts, significant time can be saved changing between functions or tools in SMC. Once you have incorporated some of these short cuts into your workflow, you should quickly notice improved efficiency.

Windows Hotkey

Mac Hotkey


Navigation Modes
1 1 Pan
2 2 Spin
3 3 Walk
4 4 Game
Component Tools
5 5 Info
6 6 Select
7 7 Hide
8 8 Markup
9 9 Dimension
0 0 Sectioning
Visibility Commands
Ctrl+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A Show All
Component Visibility
Alt+S Option+S Show/Hide Space
Alt+W Option+W Show/Hide Wall
Alt+L Option+L Show/Hide Slab
Alt+C Option+C Show/Hide Suspended Ceiling
Alt+R Option+R Show/Hide Roof
Alt+D Option+D Show/Hide Door
Alt+W Option+W Show/Hide Window
Alt+B Option+B Show/Hide Beam
Alt+O Option+O Show/Hide Column
Alt+T Option+T Show/Hide Stair
Zoom Commands
Home Function+Left Arrow Zoom Extents
Ctrl+KeyPad-1,3,7,9 Ctrl+KeyPad-1,3,7,9 SW, SE, NW, NE Viewpoints
Ctrl+ KeyPad-2,4,6,8 Ctrl+ KeyPad-2,4,6,8 N, W, E, S Viewpoints
Ctrl+KeyPad-5 Ctrl+KeyPad-5 Top-Down Viewpoint
Ctrl+Shift+O Ctrl+Shift+O Perspective/Orthogonal
T T Show/Hide Section Plane
X, Alt+X, Y, Alt+Y X, Alt+X, Y, Alt+Y Rotate Section Plane
Ctrl Ctrl Move Section Plane Slowly
Backspace DELETE Flip Section Plane
Space Space Next Section Plane
Delete N/A Delete Section Plane
Shift+Left Click Shift + Left Click Select Part
Ctrl+R Ctrl+R Continuous Spin
W,A,S,D W,A,S,D Walk
Ctrl+► Ctrl+► Expand Tree (Model Tree / Checking)
Hotkeys in SMC

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