The Navigation Map

The Navigation Map

Navigating through models and keeping an awareness of where you are in the model can sometimes be a challenge. Especially with large models, it is easy to get lost or lose track of which area of the model you are in. In Solibri Model Checker, the Navigation Map tool allows users to easily keep a perspective of their location.   It provides a 2D footprint of the floor you are on, based on your z coordinate location.

Once a model is loaded in SMC, the Navigation Map tool can be loaded by selecting the Show Navigation Map icon in the top right corner of the 3D window.


The Navigation Map will appear in the lower right corner of the 3D window. Selecting the upper left corner of the navigation map, and then dragging the window to the desired size will resize the navigation map.


There are a couple of helpful functions that are included with the Navigation Map to make using the tool more effective. Depending on the floor you are on, the Navigation Map reflects your location on the footprint of that floor as a yellow arrow. The yellow arrow also faces in the direction you are facing. If you begin to navigate in the 3D window, you will notice the yellow arrow will move with you.

In the Navigation Map, you can ‘double click’ to jump to another spot on that floor. You will notice the yellow arrow will move to where you have ‘double clicked’ and you will also be transported to that location in the 3D view.

Lastly, you can select the name of the Floor listed in the Navigation Map to reveal a list of the floors from the architectural model.


Select a different floor, and the Map will reflect the new floor. In the 3D view, you will also see the view moves up or down to the new floor selected.   This provides an easy way to toggle between floors while navigating.


One additional tip: to allow for a larger sized navigation map, the 3D window can be undocked from the other windows and placed on a second monitor.

The Navigation Map

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