The Result Summary view allows you to export a result summary report that includes the names and descriptions of your Rules and Rulesets along with a count of results and components based on issue severity and status.  As it includes the names and descriptions of rules, this provides a simple way to view this information outside of the ruleset manager in SMC.  The following steps will walk you through exporting printable ruleset descriptions as an XLS file.

  1. Open the SMC Building sample model, that comes with Solibri Model Checker.
  2. Click the Checking layout tab, and you should see the Results Summary view under the Checking view on the left. If this view isn’t open, click the ADD_VIEW Add View button to add the view.
  3. Select a Rule or Ruleset in the Checking View to view the related Result Summary.
    Results Summary View
    Results Summary View

    NOTE: If you haven’t run a check or the check is outdated, the Result Summary view will remain empty with the Report button grayed out.  Simply re-run the check by clicking the Check button in the Checking view.

  4. In the Result Summary view, click the Report ITO Report button.
  5. In the Result Summary Report dialog, with the Checking Summary Template.xls selected in the drop-down list, click Save Report and save an .xls file to your computer.  Excel will automatically open the report.
    Result Summary Report
    Result Summary Report

    This report includes general model information at the top, and then a listing of the rules and rulesets along with their descriptions and result summaries.   You can delete the rightmost columns of the result summaries and the general information of the model at the top leaving a simple document that provides the descriptions of the rulesets:

    Rule Descriptions Results Summary Report
    Rule Descriptions Results Summary Report

The link below provides a template that only includes descriptions of Rules and Rulesets.

Ruleset Description.xls

You can use this template by clicking the Browse button in the Result Summary Report dialog and browsing to the file.   If you wish to print out the xls document, selecting “Landscape Orientation” in the print settings should allow the columns to fit on a single page:

Ruleset Description Results Summary Report Print Preview
Ruleset Description Result Summary Report Print Preview