1. What is the Solibri Solution Center (SSC)?

The Solibri Solution Center has two main components:

First, it is an online portal and repository for BIM Content. This includes Solibri-created resources such as software downloads, extensions (such as the COBie platform and regional resources or rulesets for ADA accessibility checking) and documentation, as well as content created by third party developers.

Second, it is an administrative portal for managing licenses, access, and usage.

2. When do you need to access the SSC?

In order to install Solibri Model Checker, you will first need to download the installer from the Solution Center (SSC).  Any additional functionality or extensions that you may wish to load on your platform will then need to be downloaded as well.  If you are an administrator of your companies licensing, you will also need to use the SSC to assign and check license status.

3. How do you access the SSC?

As an SMC user, there are two ways to login and access resources.

  • You can login at solution.solibri.com through a web browser,
  • You can select the Solution Center Option on the File tab inside SMC.  If you login via the button in SMC, the only items you will see are extensions that have been approved for your access.

For additional resources such as documentation or to download the SMC installer, you will need to access the SSC via the website.


4. How do you use and navigate the SSC?

As a user, the main functions of the SSC will be to request download permissions for any extensions you would like and then download and install those extensions once an administrator grants permission.

To see the full list of resources available to request, you will need to login to the SSC via your web browser.

In the SSC, select the “Product” drop-down and choose if you would like to look at Extensions, the Product (SMC installers), or Documentation.  Documentation is available for download immediately.  Extensions and Product installers are listed with a “Wish” button to request permission to download from an administrator.


Once the “Wish” button is selected, the button will change to ““Remove Wish.”  The request has been made, and the administrator can now grant the wish via the Administrator Panel.


Once the Administrator grants the wish via the Administrative panel, the next time you log in to the SSC you will see the download/extension listed as “Available.”  This indicates the extension is ready for you to download from within SMC.


Open SMC, select the “Solution Center” button and the requested extension is listed as available for install.