Current Location Tracking

There are times when even the most experienced operators get lost in models. And if not lost, there are certainly many times when it would be nice to know what space you are in, at that moment. It is quite easy to get disoriented as you pass through walls and make your way up and down stairways. There are also times when you are in the model and you want to create a slide or share a viewpoint, and it would be nice to have the location included.

In Solibri Model Checker (SMC), there are several tools and tips that can make your life easier. Some of them have been covered in previous articles, but one of particular value is SMC’s ability to identify the room or space you’re in at any given moment. To see this information, simply switch to the walk mode and begin navigating through the model.


In the bottom right-hand corner of the 3-D window the room or space name will appear, and will change as you move from room to room. As long as you stay in the walk mode, this space location indicator will remain in the 3-D window in the Model, Checking, Coordination, and Information Takeoff layout. Also, the short name of the file that contains the space is displayed, as well as your current role.


These pieces of information, in conjunction with other tools such as the 2D/plan layout (also displayed in the image above) will make model navigation in Solibri Model Checker easier and more enjoyable.

Current Location Tracking

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