Isolating and Managing Issues Based on their Space in the Model

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is designed to support a workflow that results in a model (single or federated) that is of the highest possible quality. You must find which co,ordination processes work best and incorporate them into your current workflow.   When considering the most effective and efficient way to identify, group and then manage issue results, one common method is to use issue proximity to a grid location as the main point of focus.

In SMC, you can go beyond the basic XYZ coordinate information and group results by the Space where they are occurring.  Since coordination sessions are usually very focused on specific areas (floors, quadrants or even individual rooms) of the structure, this capability aligns very smoothly with how your project team operates. This unique feature provides the flexibility to isolate any/all issues by their location inside the designed building spaces rather than just finding the approximate location relative to columns and/or grids, or their X/Y/Z coordinates. That is both tedious and time consuming.

*This article assumes a general knowledge of how to run checks for issues in SMC, and will begin with a check having already been run.  For more information about how to run a check in SMC, please follow this link to a related article on our WordPress site:


Start by running a check in Solibri Model Checker.  Once the results have been generated, hide everything in the model in the 3D view.


Then, select the Show/Hide Space option to show only the spaces.


Right click while hovering your mouse over any space.  Select the ‘sectioning’ option, then choose “Section Box Around Space.”


You will now see only the chosen space.   Move to the ‘Results’ window, and change filtering from ‘No Filtering’ to ‘Filter with Sections.’


Now, as Checking Results are reviewed, only issues relating to, or within that space will be displayed.  You can quickly assess the situation in particular rooms (such as electrical or utility rooms, or laboratories) without having to review or sift through other less relevant results.   The issues for a specific space can be reviewed and then reported as a group, before other areas of the building are dealt with in broader coordination sessions.


Isolating and Managing Issues Based on their Space in the Model

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