New in SMC v9.7: Improved Communication Layout Workflow

Version 9.7 of Solibri Model Checker (SMC) has a reorganized Communication layout along with new views and features that streamline your issue handling and communication workflow.

Below is a screenshot of the new Communication layout with the default placement of the various views of this layout.

Communication Layout in SMC v9.7
Communication Layout in SMC v9.7

The Issues view has been added in version 9.7, and consists of a table that provides information on all issues within a presentation selected in the Presentation view.

You are able to add or remove information columns by clicking the Select Columns  select_columnsbutton and marking only the columns you want visible in the table.


Columns are able to be dragged left and right.  The table is sorted by the left-most columns, which allows you to sort the table by any information column.  Below, we’ve moved the Status column left, thereby sorting the issues by status.


You are able to mark/unmark issues by clicking in the left-most column designated with a flag mark or by right-clicking selected issues and selecting Mark Selected Issues.

uc_02_04 You can then click the Show Only Marked Issues show_only_marked button, to isolate marked issues in the Issues view.  Below, we wish to focus on the issues that have an ‘Assigned’ status, so we’ve marked those issues and then clicked the Show Only Marked Issues show_only_marked button.


You are also able to limit the content of reports to only the issues you’ve marked.


The Search Presentation tool has a button added that allows you to mark issues found, which makes it easy to find the issues you wish to isolate and report.


More information on Search Presentation can be found here: Search Presentation

As in version 9.6 of SMC, while the Presentation view is open, the bottom portion of the 3D View displays issue slide information.  However, in version 9.7, a list of comments along with a text box to create new comments has been added.


The comment also captures the user creating the comment and the date/time. This makes it easy to add information during a coordination meeting when reviewing results.

In SMC 9.6, the Presentation view consisted of a list of presentations as well as issue slides of those presentations. In version 9.7 of SMC, the slides are removed from the Presentation view and are now included in their own view named Issue Sorter.  The size of the slide thumbnails can be set to small, medium, or large under File > Settings > Presentation:


Also, the Issue Details view is now its own view that can remain open as you switch between issues using the Issue Sorter or Issues view.  This allows you to quickly update issues and add slides from the communication layout, without the need to right-click and select to edit a slide.


The Coordination tab has been removed from the Issue details and now that information is entered in the Communication tab.  Also, responsibilities now appear as color-coded boxes that can easily be turned on/off from the list of responsible parties by simply clicking their icon.

Altogether, these new features allow you to customize your Communication Layout to adjust sizes and add/remove views they way you like, and still maximize the view of the information and the ability to quickly edit that information.

For example, if you would like to have more 3D Viewing area, you can select all presentations in the Presentation view before closing the view.  This removes the issue information from the bottom of the 3D View and frees up additional space.  You can also move the Slide Sorter View to the Left or Right side of the screen to further enlarge the 3D View.



In summary, the flexibility and new features of the Communication Layout in 9.7 should greatly improve workflow and make it easier to communicate issues amongst your team.

New in SMC v9.7: Improved Communication Layout Workflow

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