Easy and Effective Updating of the Federated Model in SMC

An important step in the Solibri Model Checker (SMC) coordination workflow is keeping the federated model up to date with the latest BIM files.  If a model contains multiple files, they can be easily updated as new versions of the files are created.  In SMC, this is done through the File Tree.  You can right click on any file you would like to update (or multi-click to select several files, then right click).


From the menu that appears, select ‘Update Models.’  The list of selected files will appear.  From here, you can select the folder icon to the right of the file name that you would like to replace/update.  This will bring up a File Navigation window you can use to search for and select the new version.   There are also 3 options to choose how you would like files to be updated.


Your options are:

Update: You will need to manually update the files as they are updated.  Do this by following the above instructions.

Automatic:  Updates will be implemented automatically.  For this function to work, the IFC file must be in the same folder and contain the same name as the previous version.  So, if you are updating mechanical.ifc, you will need to replace the original file with the new mechanical.ifc file, in its current folder.

Prompt:  You will be prompted within SMC to update a file when a new version is discovered.  As with Automatic updates, this requires that any updates will be put into the same folder, and replace the current file.

There are many scenarios where updating one file type should be done manually, but others should be automatically updated or prompt the user when an update is found.  Therefore, this update capability allows you to choose an option for each individual file, allowing that flexibility.

Easy and Effective Updating of the Federated Model in SMC

3 thoughts on “Easy and Effective Updating of the Federated Model in SMC

  1. Hi

    Is there a way to update the IFC-models in the SMC-file without human activity?
    The reason I ask is that we batch export Revit-models to IFC every night and I would like that to be updated in the corresponding SMC-file as well.
    Can I somehow automate the update of the SMC-file?

    Kind regards

    Jesper Trier Henningsen
    BIM Manager
    MOE A/S


    1. Hi Jesper,

      You are able to automatically update an SMC file with modified IFC files using the update model command. If you set the option to automatic, whenever there is a change/update to an IFC that is loaded in an SMC file, Solibri automatically updates the file in the project:


      However, you still need to re-run your checks and create slides for new issues that are found, and it sounds as if you are looking to go some steps further in automation such as updating the IFC files, re-running checks, and producing presentation/reports without human interaction. This would require Autorun:


      For more information on this functionality, please contact sales@solibri.com.


      1. Hi John

        Thank you for your reply.

        My first priority is to have the federated SMC-model updated whenever IFC-files are overwritten with new versions.

        The wanted workflow would be to generate IFC-files from all the discipline model and put them together in a SMC-file.
        After that we batch export to new IFC-files every night and the SMC-file is automatically updated without opening it in SMC so that users with SMV can view the federated model.


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