The Autorun capability from Solibri was developed to reduce man-hours needed for running checks and producing checking results for review in Solibri Model Checker (SMC).  Instead of having to manually load models and rules in SMC, a user now has the option to schedule a check to be executed automatically.  Autorun can then report the findings.  This means that a user can be ‘hands off’ when running checks that are repetitive or especially time-consuming. Significant time savings can be achieved by using Autorun in your workflows, while maintaining consistency and high quality.

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For projects that require hands-on interaction, but where you still want to reduce repeatable tasks and processing time, partial or semi-automation is an option.  For example, updated models can be reloaded within an existing SMC project and checks re-run automatically.  The automated creation of issue slides for coordination meetings can then be approved or rejected by a user without having to manually create these slides on their own.

A task file that loads simultaneously with SMC performs the individual tasks normally requiring human interaction. This allows tasks such as updating models, running checks, re-saving files and creating reports to be automated, rather than performed manually. This allows you to run a fully automated session of SMC to perform your entire workflow, from re-loading models to producing a BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) file of issues to send to designers, if desired.

Automated checking on project models using SMC AutoRun license