Property Values Must Be from Agreed List – SOL/9

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) includes the rule template named Property Values Must Be from Agreed List (Rule Template # SOL/9) that is able to validate the values of specific properties of specific components based on your own project-based list. Since the list of agreed property values varies from project to project, you must configure the rule parameters with your own values rather than using default values, as with some other rules in SMC.

You are able to find information for this rule in the help topics by following the link below to the Solibri Solution Center:

The following article will provide an additional explanation, using a slightly modified version of the SMC Building.smc sample project that comes with SMC, to verify that the names of rooms in a model follow the naming convention of an agreed list from an excel file.

SMC Building – Space Names Must be From Agreed List.smc

After opening the model, click the Information Takeoff Layout.  In the Information Takeoff view, you’ll see a takeoff of all rooms with their corresponding names and counts.  Notice there are 2 rooms named “Restroom” and 6 rooms named “Stair.”


Select the Checking Layout and expand the results of the Room Names Must be from Agreed List rule.  Notice that there are 2 result categories that group the Restroom and Stair spaces.


Right-click the rule in the Ruleset view, and select Rule Parameters to see the parameters of the rule. In the Components to Check filter parameters table, we are checking spaces, but excluding space groups such as Gross Area spaces, since those types of spaces won’t follow a naming convention as that of room names.

In the Allowed Properties Table, notice that there is no “Restroom” listed as an allowed value for the name of a space, as “Toilet” is listed as the agreed value. This explains the result stating that “Restroom” is not an allowed value for the name of a space.

Also, notice that “STAIR” is listed as an allowed value; however, the Case Sensitivity checkbox is marked.  This explains why “Stair” (which is not in all capital letters as in the list) is listed as a result, as well.


If you unmark the Case Sensitivity checkbox and re-run the check, you’ll see only “Restroom” remains as an issue in the Results view and rooms named “Stair” are now accepted.

In the Rule Parameters of the rule, you may have noticed that the row editing buttons row_editing are greyed out.  This is because the table data in the rule parameters is currently locked from editing.  This ensures that the rule is only using information that is consistent with your agreed list, which is imported from an excel sheet, external from SMC. If changes are made to the agreed list of values that the rule links to, you should update the information in the excel sheet and click the Update Imported Data button.

You are able to manually create rows rather than importing an excel sheet; however, importing an external sheet makes the parameter entry process much easier, less prone to introducing errors, and safeguards inconsistency from what SMC is checking, and what was agreed upon as allowed values.

Since the sheet isn’t stored locally on your machine in the same path, to update the table you’ll need to turn on table data editing, remove the existing content in the table, and import an updated sheet.

Click the Allow Table Data Editing allow_table_data_editing button, which will break the link to the excel file and enable the row editing buttons.

Click the Import Excel Worksheet import_excel_worksheet button.

Download the following excel sheet and browse to the file.

Room Names Must Be From Agreed List v2.xlsx

This first page of the import dialog allows you to map the Component, Property, and Acceptable Value parameters to specific columns in an excel sheet.  Since, the columns in the excel sheet were setup to match those same parameters respectively, you can click Next.


The next page of the dialog requires you to hold down the CTRL key and multi-select rows from the sheet. If you simply click Finish, nothing will be imported since nothing is selected.  Notice, the first row was not included in the selection as these values are column headers in the excel sheet.


After clicking Finish, the data table is updated with the values that match those within the model, and the Allowed Properties Values link is now pointing to the new version of the sheet:


If you re-run the check, you’ll find there are no issues, as all room names match those that are in the agreed list.

This is one simple example of this very versatile rule.  Another example worth mentioning and is included in the example rules folder that comes with SMC, is to check components against a list of approved construction types to find those that may have been accidentally introduced into your model that are outside your standardized approved libraries.

Property Values Must Be from Agreed List – SOL/9

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