Using the Markup Tools: Stamping XYZ Coordinates in Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) boasts some excellent tools in the 3D view.   One of the best is the stamping tool found within the Markup menu. This allows you to add ‘stamps’ of images, component details, or coordinates to the model.  For example, if you would like to include the location of an element so the user who will be reviewing the issues and making corrections can easily locate the issue, the coordinate stamp is the easiest method.

Choose the drop-down “Tools” menu in the 3D view, and select “Markup.”


This will reveal a Markup tool Menu in the top left corner of the 3D view.


The middle icons are stamping tools.  We can mouse over these tools to see that the first icon is the Component Stamp (used to add the component details directly to the 3Dmodel), Coordinate Stamp (used to add X,Y,Z coordinates), and Image Stamp (for adding an image to the model, on a wall surface for example).
Placing these stamps is quite easy.  We will use the Coordinate Stamp tool as an example.  If there is an issue or a location in a model that you would like to notate for a future reviewer to be able to quickly see in the 3D view, select the Coordinate Stamp icon.  Once in the Coordinate Stamp mode, hover over the location you would like to place the coordinates, and a small yellow mouse icon will display the location you are selecting.


Once you have decided on the location for the coordinate stamp, simply left click in the model where you would like the x,y,z coordinates to appear.


This stamp will remain here, unless you choose to reset the model in the 3D view (by selecting “Show All,” for example).  To preserve this stamp going forward, you may want to create a Slide in the Communication tab, which will retain the stamp in new iterations of the model and will not be overridden by a model reset in the 3D view.

Using the Markup Tools: Stamping XYZ Coordinates in Solibri Model Checker

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