Space Groups and Areas in Revit

In a Building Information Model (BIM), it is common to model spaces defined as gross areas, apartment areas, departments, etc. that group other spaces. This is accomplished in Revit through area plans, and the IFC exporter in Revit provides area information in the “Other” property set.

Below is a gross area space named Circulation that contains circulation rooms (as defined in Revit) such as Lobby 102, Stair 132, and Corridor 107, listed in the Space Grouping view:


Notice in the Info view, the “Other” property set contains the Area Scheme ID and Category properties.  The Area Scheme ID provides the name of the area scheme, such as Gross Area, Apartment, etc., and the Category property states whether the space is a room, space, or area.  Also, notice in the Space Grouping view, the Space Group Type column lists Gross Building, which is the same value as the Area Scheme ID.  This value is the classification name from the Space Grouping classification.

If the Corridor 107 room is selected, the Area Scheme ID property is not defined because the category of the space is a room and not an area.


These properties in the Other property set make it simple to classify space groups in SMC using classification rules in the Space Grouping classification.  Below, we’ve added a row to the classification rules that matches any spaces that have the value “Areas” in the Other.Category property. Those area spaces will have their classification name set to whatever the value is of the Other.Area Scheme ID.


You can download this modified space group classification from the link below to try with your own Revit models that contain area plans:

Space Grouping.classification

With your space group classification properly setup, you can use the Space Group Containment rule to check that your space groups contain the required number of space types.

Space Groups and Areas in Revit

3 thoughts on “Space Groups and Areas in Revit

  1. adicolor says:

    Thank you for the blog. I’m using SMC for a fire compartment checking and created area plans in Revit. Unfortunately, in my SMC all area plans are only a room not a area and does not contain any rooms. Also, the “Other” property has been not showed. Can you give me some helps or advices? Thank you very much. :>


    1. Hi Adicolor – I am having trouble understanding the issue without seeing the model. If your areas aren’t exported in the IFC, then perhaps they are set to “Not Exported” in the IFC Options. In Revit, click the application button > Export > Options IFC Options. Scroll to Areas and make sure it is set to IfcSpace. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please email and I will have a look at your model if that is OK. Regarding the “Other” property set being missing, the Revit properties are likely not set to export in the export options. Make sure to mark the Export Revit Property Sets checkbox in the Export Property Sets tab of the IFC Export dialog. – John Lipp


  2. adicolor says:

    Sir, thank you for your quick reply. I’ve tried to set IFC-Options and Export Property Sets in Revit as you said, but it stil didn’t work. So i sent you the model. Thank you for your time. 🙂


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