The Result Summary view reports the counts of issues grouped by their severity and whether they are accepted or rejected. The summary is associated with the specific check that is highlighted in the Checking > Ruleset view (as below).

Selecting a cell in the table isolates and colorizes those components in the view. Below the components that fail the “Clearance Infront of Windows” check with a Critical severity level have been selected in the Result Summary view and are isolated in the 3D view.


The Result Summary view also provides an “Issue Density” calculation, which reflects the number of issues proportionate to the volume of the model in cubic meters.  The formula for the issue density value is below:


Below is a simple model of a building that is 100 ft long, 50 ft wide, and 10 ft tall. There are two issues of a pipe running into a duct.


It is important to note that the volume of the model in the formula for issue density is reflected in cubic meters.   In this example, the volume of the building is 15.24 m x 30.48 m x 3.048 m = 1415.84 m³.  Therefore the calculation is 2 issues x 1000 m³ / 1415.84 m³ = 1.41, which is the value shown in the issue density cell.