Info Pop-up of the 3D View

When you hover the mouse cursor over a component in the 3D View of Solibri Model Checker (SMC), a window will pop-up in the view to briefly display properties of the component.   This is called an Info Pop-up, and you are able to change the information displayed, how long it is displayed, or turn off the feature completely through the File > Settings > 3D > Info:

By default, this feature is turned on to display the type and name of the component for 3 seconds.

You can add/remove property rows and rearrange them using the  row editing buttons.

Click the  Browse button in the Property cell to select any property to add to the Info pop-up display.

In the screenshot below, we’ve added Pset_DoorCommon properties to the Info Pop-up.  As rows are added, the Filter column is automatically set to ‘*’ so that the properties are displayed for all components.

If you hover the cursor over a door in the model, it will display the property values of those Pset_DoorCommon properties:

However, the properties also display if we hover over a non-door component such as the stair in the screenshot below, in which the value is Not Available.

To resolve this, a simple door filter is created using the Filtering view and saved to the Filter folder:

You are able to add rows to create complex filters for specific components based on any property.  For more information on the Filter view, please see: Filtering View

This filter door can then be used in the settings of the Info Pop-up settings so that these properties only display for doors:

The information will still display when hovering over doors, but that information is ignored for stairs:

In closing, the Info Pop-up is a powerful, yet flexible feature to view important property information of components without the need to taking your eyes off the 3D View.

Info Pop-up of the 3D View

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