Getting Comfortable with the Solibri Solution Center (SSC)

The Solibri Solution Center (SSC) is an online portal for users to gain access to Solibri software, third-party content and administrator functions. There are two different sections of the SSC, the Admin View and the Products View.

When logging in, you will be taken to the Products Views of the SSC unless you are an account administrator. In that case, you will be logged in to the Admin View. The Admin View is ONLY accessible to those who have Admin privileges as an option when logged into the SSC.

Admin View

As a Solibri software administrator there are many functions at your disposal. These may include adding users, creating new pools (project, location or personnel) reassigning licenses, checking and tracking usage statistics or confirming software purchases or downloads requested by other users. The Admin View only appears if you’re an administrator and will be the default start page when you login, so if you do not see the Admin View option, you are not registered as an administrator.

Below, we will briefly explain the purpose of each section of the Admin View.

Summary View: A Brief overview of the Company information and listed administrators. Subscription expiration date is displayed, and the preferred language for users can be changed from the Summary View window.


Billing Details: Lists company information and address, as well as additional billing details. Administrators can make changes to address and company details from here, as well as select a preferred payment option.


Users: users can be added, deleted, or edited from the Users tab. For single users, an administrator can select the Add, Edit, or Remove functions. If importing a large list of allowed users, the “Excel User List” option allows for an Excel file to be uploaded to the SSC.


Users License Details: Currently active users are listed under this tab. Any active SMC user will be displayed here. This will also be helpful to identify where specific licenses may be being held up in case users are getting license request denials. An administrator can use this tab to identify if a user has potentially forgotten their Solibri license is active for a very long time, and notify the user to verify this is the case.


License: A full accounting of all Products and Extensions owned and assigned to the company. This is a useful page for administrators or buyers to assess what license rights they currently have, and where there may be a need for expanded licenses.


License Assignment: An administrator can choose which versions of products any one user can access. For example, a user may request an Extension, or a floating license to use for SMC. The administrator would find the request (or ‘wish’) in the License Assignment tab and could then grant the user”s request.


User Pool Management: Create and manage user pools from here. Administrators can create new pools for sub-groups of users and then choose how many of the Company’s licenses are assigned to that pool. Examples might include an upcoming training session that requires dedicated licenses to be available, or a specific project that always requires a certain number of licenses. The Administrator can also move employees into and out of specific Pools, as necessary. A typical use case would have all the company users located in the Company Pool, then it might be desired to move one (or more) licenses and users to a newly created Project Pool. This would ensure that those users would have licenses ‘reserved’ for them, when they logged in. License access to these subgroups is best managed from the User Pool Management Tab.


Company Extensions: Companies can create extensions of their own, and store them on the SSC. These extensions, which include customized rules and other elements of SMC can be managed via the Company Extensions Tab. For more information about the Company Extensions capability and functionality, please see the article at:


Statistics: The Statistics tab provides information regarding License usage. The usage information can then be exported to a standard Excel report. Administrators can collate or group information using several different Report Types for different types of information, such as peak usage, usage per user, the SMC version being used, and total number of users.


Time Periods and intervals are easily adjusted, and reporting can be modified to include information about all licenses or just specific license pools.


Products View


Under the Products view, there are three distinct locations to find and download different types of Solibri product offerings. They are: 1) Product 2) Solibri Model Checker Extensions 3) Training and Documentation.


Location: When the location dropdown is set to Product, the options listed will include Solibri software products. These currently include both paid and free standalone items, such as Solibri Model Checker, Solibri Model Viewer, Solibri Model Viewer Pro, and Solibri IFC Optimizer, as well as plugins to other software such as BCF Manager for Archicad.


Solibri Model Checker Extensions: When this option is selected, the items listed will be extensions for Solibri Model Checker. The items listed will be limited to your user privileges depending on whether you are an administrator, buyer, or basic user. Extensions may include rulesets pertaining to such topics as ADA (American Disabilities Act), COBie Calculations and Resources, and any other specialty resources relating to many various BIM Guidelines.


Training and Documentation: Training materials are stored on the SSC in several supported languages. This includes documentation such as the “Getting Started” manual which also comes pre-installed with Solibri Model Checker, as well as an SSC “Administrator Guide.” For a very detailed, feature-by-feature explanation of the Solution Center, please refer to the Administrator Guide.

If you have additional questions related to the solution center, there are additional resources available via the solution center (as detailed above), as well as on our blog at: