The wildcard can be used in various ways throughout Solibri Model Checker (SMC), allowing for more intelligent searching and sorting of components based on some common value. In previous versions of SMC, wildcards could not be used when searching or identifying information from Property Set data.   In the latest version (v9.7.15), this feature has been added so users can now perform extended wildcard queries on the Property Set information that is embedded in a model.

To illustrate this functionality in SMC, refer to the image below, where the “IsExternal” Property will typically reside within one of three Property Sets: Pset_WallCommon, Pset_DoorCommon, or Pset_WindowCommon.


In previous versions, three separate columns were needed for each individual Property Set, making the grouping functionality restricted to each individual component type. This also restricted the ability to “colorize” the components based on a single value (True or False, in this example), since the color scheme will be based on the values returned from each individual column and will then colorize the components based on their unique Property Sets and True/False value.


Now, the asterisk/wildcard is allowed. The three separated columns can therefore be deleted so only the combined “Pset_*Common” value be considered.  Regardless of which property set the True/False value resides in, the components can be grouped together. Users can colorize the components using the single, combined column of information, resulting in the True/False two-color scheme shown below.