New in SMC v9.7.15: Model Comparison Improvements

In the latest version of Solibri Model Checker (SMC) v9.7.15, enhancements have been made to the Model Comparison (SOL/206) rule template. The rule now allows you to check if components have been added or removed based on their Global Unique ID (GUID) rather than only their geometry as in the previous version. Also, you now have the ability to compare specific individual properties from the Identifications, Location, and Quantities property groups instead of those property groups in their entirety. Both of these improvements allow for a more precise check for changes that have occurred in iterations of a building information model.

The remainder of this article will explain these enhancements in further detail. For an overview of the Model Comparison rule prior to these enhancements, please see the article:

Identify Components Only With GUID

Version 9.7.15 of SMC adds an “Identify components only with GUID” checkbox. When marked, SMC ignores the geometry of a component in determining if it still exists in the model.

In the example below, two versions of the same model are loaded that contain a door attached to a wall.

The door in the old version of the model is of type 36″ X 84″ and the value of its GUID is 1iZj__xXf78BSFTMaX7Drh.

This model was later modified by deleting the door and replacing it with a new door of type 30″ X 80″ that has been moved 6″.  Since the door was deleted and replaced rather than modified in Revit, the GUID has changed to 1hm2STqeTCcuuYSoDEhuFt.

With “Identify components only by GUID” unmarked in the Model Comparison rule check, the Results view lists the door as being modified with its various changes to geometry, identification, and location in the Info view.  Since the two versions of the doors are at the same relative location, it is treated as the same door that was modified even though it was actually removed, then added back in Revit. 

However, with the “Identify components only by GUID” checkbox marked, the results will then list the door from the old model as removed, while the door in the new model was added rather than stating the door was modified.  The old door appears red in the 3D view, while the new door appears blue.  Interestingly, the wall will remain modified as the opening that the door cutout is smaller and shifted.

Note, if you were to simply change the location and type of the door in Revit without removing and replacing it, the results would state that the door was modified rather than removed and added with the “Identify components only by GUID” checkbox marked.  This is because you modified the door in Revit, which does not change the GUID.

The previous version of SMC didn’t have the option to identify components only by GUID and always performed the check as if the checkbox is unmarked in the example above.

Compare Property List

In the previous version of SMC, the Model Comparison rule was limited to check boxes of property groups that checked all properties that fell under the categories of those property groups.

In the screenshot of SMC v9.6, two slabs have various quantities changed. You can see in the 3D view that the length was increased along the x-axis.

In the Rule Parameters view of the version of the rule template in version 9.6, only the quantities checkbox is marked.  SMC will thereby check for any changes to any property that falls under that category.

However, you may only be interested in a particular property, such as area, and only wish to have that listed in the Info view to copy into your issue slide. If the area of a slab changes, logically, so will the gross area, perimeter, and volume of the slab, which is why they are reported as well.

In the screenshot of the Rule Parameters view in new SMC version 9.7.15 below, you see the compare rule that had the checkbox for quantities marked.  The Compared Properties list contains the long listing of all those properties from the Quantities property group.

We can select those properties and click the Remove Row  button.  Then click the Add Row  button to add only the Area property.  Below, you can see that you can select any individual property from one of the property groups.

We set our rule to check for changes for the areas of components.

The Results and Info view now only show the change in the area of components.

New in SMC v9.7.15: Model Comparison Improvements

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