Version 9.7.11 of Solibri Model Checker (SMC) adds the ability to save sets of layouts of views.  Previously, you could move/undock/resize views in the layouts to the way you want or create additional layouts of specific views and those changes would persist across sessions.  However, you couldn’t save the layouts for later use, for instance, if you reset to the default layouts or temporarily needed to adjust the views.

Below is the default layout set of the Checking layout, which consists of the Checking, Result Summary, Results, and Info view on the left side and the 3D view on the right side of the application window.

If you want more space for checking related views at the expense of a narrower 3D view, you could remove the Results Summary view, move the Results view to the right side of the application, and add the checked components view as seen below:

This layout set can be saved to your computer to be opened later by clicking File > Settings > Layouts.

You can then re-open the Layout Set if you modify your layouts over time during your SMC session.

In addition, you can save different Layout Sets to different roles under File > Settings > Roles.  For instance, below we can set the “My Layout” layout set previously created as the default for the “BIM Validation – Architectural Role”: