System Administrators are able to silently install Solibri Model Checker (SMC) and Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) remotely to the machines of users by running the installer in unattended mode.  This can be done by passing the -q command line argument to the installer.

This information is found in the “Documentation for SMC System Administrators.pdf” document for both PC and MAC users.

This document provides also other useful information outlined below in its table of contents:

  • Super User vs. End User
    • User Profile
    • Roles
    • Shared Resources
    • Specifying Common Layouts
      • Specifying a Video Page for Common Layouts
    • Tasks and Responsibilities of System Administrator
      • Silent Installation for Windows
      • Silent Installation for Mac Os X
      • Setting the User Profile and Shared Resources

You can find this document depending on your machine here:

For PC:

C:\Users\Public\SolibrI\[VERSION OF SOLIBRI SOFTWARE]\Documents\System Administrator

For Mac:

Applications > [VERSION OF SOLIBRI SOFTWARE]\Documents\System Administrator