The ARCHICAD™ – Solibri Model Checker™ Link is a powerful add-on for ARCHICAD that allows for a bi-directional link for the two applications to communicate with one another.

You are able to download this ARCHICAD add-on from the Solibri Solution Center (SSC) free of charge.

Login to the solution center at

Select the Products View link if you are an administrator to view available product downloads, and click the download button next to ARCHICAD™ – Solibri Model Checker™ Link:

The download is a zip file that includes an “Installation Guide.pdf” that walks you through the simple steps to install the add-on over ARCHICAD for Windows or Mac.  The add-on supports ARCHICAD version 16 up to the latest version 21 at the time of this writing.

Once installed you are able to export a project directly into Solibri Model Checker (SMC) by clicking SMC > Export to SMC:

A session of SMC will automatically open with the ARCHICAD model loaded:

Components that are selected in ARCHICAD are able to be selected in SMC as well by clicking SMC > Show Object’s Properties in SMC:

Below the wall that was selected in ARCHICAD is now selected in SMC allowing its computed quantities to be displayed in the Info view:

You are also able to check your models in SMC to correct them on the fly in ARCHICAD.  Below, an issue has been found in which a ceiling is below the top of two windows.  After selecting the window components in the Results view, those components are selected by clicking the  Set to Selection Basket button:

Then in ARCHICAD, those same components are selected by clicking SMC > Get Selection Basket from SMC: To correct the issue, the wall height is changed from 2.35m to 2m:

After clicking SMC > Export to SMC to reload the model with the change in SMC, the check is re-run.  Below, the result is no longer listed as the window is now below the ceiling as seen in the 3D view:  The ARCHICAD™ – Solibri Model Checker™ Link simplifies the workflow between ARCHICAD and SMC and saves you time when viewing information and correcting issues in your model.

Additional information can be found in the “ArchiCAD Link User Manual.pdf” included in the zipped download.