SMC Out of Memory

The Solibri Model Checker (SMC) product information page states that at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended to run SMC.

However, even a powerful machine with 32GB of RAM, for instance, may still run into memory issues when opening extremely large IFC files. Normally this out of memory error will appear as the message “Reading of IFC Model Failed – Java Heap Space” seen below:


The java heap is essentially the amount of memory SMC is able to use. To work around this type of memory issue you can increase the “Mmx” option that specifies the maximum heap size. To do this, open the .vmoptions file in a plain text editor for editing such as Notepad.  The .vmoptions file is located in the program files folder of SMC as listed below:

C:\Program Files\Solibri\SMCv9.7\Solibri Model Checker v9.7.vmoptions

The first line of the file lists the maximum heap option, which is set to 4GB by default.


Assuming you have the corresponding amount of RAM installed on your machine, you can try doubling to 8GB by changing the first line to read “-Xmx8192m” and resaving. If the error message still occurs, you can try doubling the size again by changing the first line to read “-Xmx16384m” assuming you have 16GB of RAM installed on your machine.

If the problem still persists, please feel free to send a support request regarding the issue to

Editor’s Note: The following section was added 5/4/2017 with regard to instructions for MAC.

The following instructions apply for MAC users in editing their vmoptions.txt file:

  1. Goto Applications -> Solibri Model Checker vX.X
  2. Right-click in the top of icon ‘Solibri Model Checker vX.X’ NOTE: double click will start SMC
  3. Select ‘Show package contents’
  4. Inside the package go to Contents > vmoptions.txt
  5. Open vmoptions.txt in textEdit (start text textEdit and drag&drop file to it)
  6. The file contains all same parameters than VMoptions file in Windows. Edit or add parameter as asked above
  7. Save the modified vmoptions.txt to your desktop (use the same file name)
  8. Drag and drop the new file to the original package overwriting the original version of vmoptions.txt
SMC Out of Memory

Optimizing Performance in Solibri Model Checker

The recommendations for best performance in SMC are listed on the Solibri website, and the links for those recommendations are provided within this article. This article is only intended to consolidate the recommendations (as well as tips to improve performance) and make it as easy as possible to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

If experiencing performance issues, you should first ensure that the machine specifications are in line with the requirements for SMC. The requirements are listed here:

If the machine requirements are up to standards, performance issues may be the result of out-of-date video card drivers. This is a very common reason for performance issues within 3D applications, so this should be the next item to confirm before any changes are made to settings within SMC. To ensure that graphics drivers are up to date, check the NVIDIA or AMD website, depending on your graphics card.

NVIDIA Driver Downloads:

AMD Driver Downloads:

If the issue is still unresolved, there are two more possible solutions:

Graphics Card issues can often be resolved by unmarking File > Settings 3D > Performance > Optimize Rendering Speed

3D Settings

For complex intricate models such as HVAC or Plumbing, lowering the number of “Objects Drawn in Navigation” under File > Settings 3D > Performance will provide smoother navigation.

3D Settings 2

Editor’s Note: The following section was added 5/10/2017.

For complex models, increasing the amount of memory SMC is able to use can also increase performance and resolve issues. More information about this can be found in the article below:

Any further issues that are not resolved by the recommendations in this article should be referred to, where a SMC expert can help troubleshoot further.

Optimizing Performance in Solibri Model Checker